PARTNERS' activities

Friday, June 03, 2016

Visit to the national finals for the Competition of Student Entrepreneurs

The members of the Hungarian project team visited the final competition for student companies. The event was organised by Junior Achievement Hungary and nine student companies competed for the chance to represent Hungary in the international competition in Switzerland.
It was really interesting and useful for us to listen to the English presentations of these companies and look around at the stalls admiring the different kinds of products students had come up with and elaborated on.

It served as a great incentive for us and provided us with some ideas for our forthcoming project activity, during which students will have to come up with their own ideas and test themselves as entrepreneurs experiencing what it is like to try to suceed in the world of work.

Friday, April 29, 2016


 As one of my colleagues Oskar had put it a week before the meeting: «Such a nice job you've got to do!« and he was referring to the planning and organizing the meeting. Having been very busy at the time of course I disagreed. However,  from today's standpoint, still  under positive impression of having my foreign guests here in Slovenske Konjice, at our school, I have to agree with him.

This year's transnational meeting was somehow in the middle of the 3-year project and therefore it was mainly dedicated to the mid-evaluation of the project and assessment of the  students’ work and competences which will have been achieved by a google questionnaire  for all the participants and BE mid-term test for the  students.  Besides that, every minute represented a valuable time for discussions about the ways of the project and results dissemination.

Exchange of good practices in teaching is another important opportunity we have to take during our project meetings. This time our focus was on presentation and manifestation of cross-curricular learning which have been a good practice at Gimnazija Slovenske Konjice for several years now. We pointed out a positive impact on students as well as organisational challenges of this kind of teaching which was presented by Doroteja, a former coordinator of the project at our school.  The teachers were offered two lessons of the kind: Slovenian – English and Mathematics – English, both dealing with literature.

As using modern digital tools in teaching is one of the project’s objectives we organised a Teachmeet, which is an informal teachers gathering where teachers involved in  a limited time ( 3 min) present a teaching experience or a method with the a certain digital tool.  A collection of links to the tools with examples will be presented publicly.

The rest of Friday was spent on  planning ahead, in terms of work and results as well as dates for the forthcoming students' exchanges.  The exchange in Loimaa will take place in the 2nd week of October and the one In Almendralejo in February. The final act of Y.E.S. for Future mobilities will be the transnational meeting in Szazhalombatta. 

 We’re grateful for the good company of partners we have and satisfied with the work we have done so far. Now, we are looking forward to getting new experience and learning some more together in the second half of our common adventure – Y.E.S. for Future.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

FRIDAY, the 22nd of April

The day started early as usual with a nice breakfast at the hotel. We got ready and soon headed for the school. Mikko kindly drove us there and woke us up with the most famous Finnish Humppa music band, Eläkeläiset.

Once at the school, we went to the library and hard work started.

First, Doroteja introduced us to the notion of “Integrative Curriculum”. She talked about the school experience using this teaching method. It is about linking different subjects in order to learn and develop students key competences. It was really interesting to see how they work as a real team with clear goals.

Later, members of each country presented different educational tools or digital resources to improve writing skills.
Terhi , talked about a useful tool for mathematicians called Geobebra. Using this tool you learn maths in a very dynamic way.
Mikko gave a presentation about Outdoor Learning and  Environmental Ecology and how positive it was for his students to work in the outsides even with bad weather.
Leena presented European Center for Modern Languages, a very interesting web page especially for English teachers.
Agnes, the Hungarian teacher, introduced us to different Tools for pre- writing. She gave us plenty of pages related to writing activities and how to improve not only our teaching but also our students production in writing. Some examples include Lino, Answergarden, Titanpad, Piktochart, Cliptomize among others.
After that,Javier  showed us a video made by Juan, our Head of studies, about an application called Layer and Geociudad and how he can use augmented reality and QR codes in a didactic way. After the video he presented the functionalities of Google Classroom.
Monica just named some useful web pages to be used in English lessons like for example IsabelPerez or iSL Collective.
Finally Mateja dealt with the basis of writing skills and she shared her thoughts on the importance of grabbing pen and paper and free writing as a way of approaching writing as a creative act. After that she talked about a tool called Compleat Lexical Tutor and explained how to use it in the classroom.

Once the presenteations were finished we were invited to attend a Business English Lesson and a Maths Lesson, where could see the real application of the integrative curriculum.

In this lesson Marjetka and her students revised some basic notions and vocabulary about business English. First she started motivating the students showing them some awesome T.V commercials and asked why they have liked them. Then she introduced the technical vocabulary and we ended up playing Kahoot! along with the students, which was really funny and entertaining.


In this lesson , the students had previously read a book called" The curious incident of the dog in the nighttime". First, the american assistant worked with the students to see if they had understood the plot and he also revised some clue words with them. After that, the Maths teacher, Helena, prepared the students for some activities where the students had to solve some problems taken from the book.All the students worked in groups and they were able to solve them and presented the solutions to the rest of the class.

After this activity, we went to have lunch and we had some free time to buy  souvenirs. 

At 17.00  we were driven to a wonderful place to have dinner.The restaurant, the place, the atmosphere were very peaceful , we were very relaxed and we all enjoyed that moment a lot. Mateja, Oskar, Doroteja and the Principal Jasmina, were very friendly and really kind for taking us there. It was the last meal together after three wonderful days and we were so happy and excited.

Thank you all for those wonderful and unforgettable moments.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

The second day of our transnational meeting in Slovenske Konjice

On Thursday morning we were picked up from the hotel at half past eight and the bus took us to Zreče where we visited the the Secondary Vocational and Technical School Zreče (SPSŠ Zreče) that we had already heard about in Wednesday’s presentations. We were very kindly greeted by Tomaž Černec, the Head teacher of the school, who took us for a tour of the school showing us around and introducing several teachers and the modern equipment that the students were learning to use. The school has a workshop, where students work not only for study reasons but also for the local tool factory.

Students who had participated in an Erasmus+ KA1 project in Wurzburg, Germany and in Milan, Italy showed us photos and told about their trips which had been great experiences.
After the interesting tour we had some time to relax while drinking coffee and tea served by the students of the catering class. We had lovely cakes, pastries and croissants that they had just baked for us.

After this informative visit we started our excursion to the area of Bled. The first stop was at the beautiful Vintgar gorge, which is classified among the most important tourist sights of natural beauty in Slovenia. There were men working along the scenic trail that we were supposed to walk so we could only follow a part of the 1.600 meter long gorge. However, it was enough to make us convinced of the unique beauty of the gorge and we were impressed by the clear, emerald-green water of Radovna river, the vegetation and the fish we saw as well as the birds we listened to.

Next the bus driver took us to Radovlika, where we visited Lectar. First, in their museum we saw how the traditional ‘honey bread’ was made and we bought some souvenirs - they even had magnets made of gingerbread with most imginative decorations.

The lunch we had was traditional, generous and delicious. For example we had black-radish spread as a starter and the mushroom soup was served in a bread bowl and the leak soup was served in a paprika bowl!

The next stop was at lake Bled, the most popular resort for tourists in Slovenia. We climbed up to the medieval castle and had the magnificent view over the lake and the isle with the church of Assumption.

The wonderful day with lots of new experiences was fulfilled with a nice cup of coffee or tea and traditional Bled delights on a terrasse with a lakeview. In the evening we were tired but happy after exploring the beauty of Slovenia.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Transnational meeting in Slovenia - Day 1

We all arrived on Sunday and after a good rest we started work on Monday morning. We were warmly greeted by the principal, the teachers and the students of our Slovenian partner school in Slovenske Konjice.
The meeting was opened with a lovely song performed by students followed by the kind words of the school's principal and the Slovenian project coordinator , Mateja. We had a chance to hear about various project-related activities and besides Erasmus + projects we were also informed about other interesting programmes that the students have taken part in, such as the Human Library. We were also told about the different activities students do related to Earth Day and two students also gave a lovely recital of some eco-themed pieces of literature.
This informative session was followed by a really generous act; we planted a tree together with the teachers and the students of the school, which was a lovely experience.
After a short break we took part in some lesson observations. Firstly, we saw a really interesting English-Slovenian literature class where students worked on a poem written by a Slovenian poet, Srecko Kosovel. The lesson was conducted both in Slovenian and English and was really interesting to see how the two subjects could be combined in one lesson using great methods such as brainstorming, creative writing and translation.
During the second lesson we could observe Geography, Physics and Maths lessons, all of which were really interesting and informative. The lesson observation was followed by a project meeting where we agreed on the common tools to be used for project evaluation, distributed some tasks and we also managed to agree on the timing of the mobilities of the next year. After lunch we took a great walking tour in the beautiful surroundings and admired the breathtaking scenery. We visited a golf course where we learnt some information about this sport and also had a chance to try it out ourselves. It was followed by a visit to a nearby farmhouse which is beautifully furnished and we were offered some tea and traditional Slovenian cakes, all of which were delicious.
All in all, the first day of our meeting was extremely enjoyable and full of great professional and recreational activities alike!

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Word clouds made from students' answers about the Hungarian student exchange

What did you like most during your stay in Hungary?

 What are your impressions about Hungary and the Hungarians you have met ?
 What will vou take home with you?