PARTNERS' activities

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Thursday, October 13th

We started the day in the school with some team-building sports activities. We had the chance to play floorball and basketball with all of the participating students. Besides getting to know each other better, we could burn some calories. After a short pause, we learnt a bit Finnish language from the Finnish students, so now we can start a short conversation, introduce ourselves or ask if we are going to the sauna. After we ate in the school canteen, we visited a local company called DINOlift. There they gave us an interesting presentation about their job and how they succeed.  Later we walked through the factory and got a first-hand experience of the previously mentioned work.

We all spent the afternoon together by a lake. In the cottage, we could not only play games and hang out, but we tried out some Finnish traditions as well. We used the sauna and right after coming out of it, we jumped into the cold water then we went back. After the delicious dinner, all four countries showed some national dances and taught it. We finished the day with a hunting game in the dark forest, where we had to find our teams colour, and then complete a puzzle. The puzzle was the home country's, Finland's flag. We all would like to say thank you for the amazing day! Kiitos!

Teachers had an extra programme, which was a meeting with the representatives of the local vocational school. We got deep insight into the Finnish education system and the position of the vocational training within. Taking the hairdressers' course as an example we learnt about the structure of the curriculum, the ratio of general and professional subjects, the ratio of theoretical and practical training and the exam requirements. We also talked about the international cooperation with foreign vocational schools that provide on-the-job training opportunities for students. E.g. Erasmus, Kam'oon China, ThaiGo.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Wednesday, October 12th

It has been four days since we arrived in Finland. The views are amazing, I must say, but every single new day is colder than the day before. Or at least, that is my modest impression. However the massive cold I am going to catch by the end of the week is totally worth it.

One of the things that has caught my attention so far is the way people behave here. I don’t mean it in a bad way, of course, it’s just a matter of culture anyways. It is hard for me to understand why they take their shoes off when they enter a house, for instance, or a kitchen like the picture below. And if they do, why don’t they take them off when they’re in other places like that factory where we were today, Pema.

By the way, it’s a factory that makes welding automation. Maybe this is out of context but, even though welding is not precisely interesting enough for my liking, I find  the passion with which they talked about business amusing. It was inspiring, and I guess that’s what counts in the end. They even gave us something to eat, so I guess it was a plus. After a couple of explanations about how things worked there, we arrived at Loimaan high school section again, and waited for a while for the kitchen class to be opened. Once we got into it, we had a good time preparing apple crumbles, a Finnish recipe. It wasn’t bad at all, in fact, I’m thinking about trying it out at home myself.

Earlier in the morning we had attended an interesting international event at school which provided an opportunity to disseminate YES for Future. Actually, some of the students in the project presented their schools and towns and the Finnish team gave us an account of their participation in other projects and student exchanges. Even volunteers and students from countries like Austria, France and Brazil presented their countries and culture as well as their cooperation and experience in Loimaan lukio.
At the end of the day, when the sun started to set, we went to a Finnish student's house, but what happened there is another story. So, to cut a long story short, we had a great time.

By Andrea Lavado Gordillo

Monday, October 10, 2016

Students' Exchange in Loimaa, Monday, 10th of October, 2016

We made it!!! It is hard to even think about anything while standing still outside the small red house with green roof (they are quite common in Finnland) in freezing cold waiting to go to Loimaan lukio, Upper - secondary school in Loimaa.

Our first day was a normal first day. Getting to know the new school for a week. We played many different interactive games about our likes and dislikes, ate typical Finnish black candies (a lot of them actually haha) and some other oaty breads, drank coffee and basically just got to know eachother a bit more (most of the names we, by the way, forgot immediately). The morning was completed by a school tour.

After a lunch break that we had in the school caffeteria, we were given a presentation about JCI organisation and were addressed by the three speakers with experience in the field of leadership and business. And that lead to a competition game (not in real life) which you probably all know (drum rolls) THE SHARK TANK!!!! Each country presented / piched its own business idea, that we had prepared at our schools before, and tried to convince the "sharks" they are a good bait. Nobody got a job, sadly, but it was a great way to share our business-way-of-thinking with other people.

The Spanish team won the business pitching competition but we were all asured that we had done a good job. Overwhelmed by the good scores we were ready to learn a bit mote about presentation skills. We played an Introduce your friend in the limited time game which we enjoyed very much.

To cheer ourselves up we headed to the bowling centre where we drilled our anger, because we were too bad to hit that one pin (Well, only some of us were good at it!).

We are normal human beeings so we had to eat and because we are normal young human beeings we ate pizza! The night ended with hanging out at different students' houses and seeing northern lights! Yes, the actual ones!!!!

Tjaša Padežnik, Gimnazija Slovenske Konjice

Friday, June 03, 2016

Visit to the national finals for the Competition of Student Entrepreneurs

The members of the Hungarian project team visited the final competition for student companies. The event was organised by Junior Achievement Hungary and nine student companies competed for the chance to represent Hungary in the international competition in Switzerland.
It was really interesting and useful for us to listen to the English presentations of these companies and look around at the stalls admiring the different kinds of products students had come up with and elaborated on.

It served as a great incentive for us and provided us with some ideas for our forthcoming project activity, during which students will have to come up with their own ideas and test themselves as entrepreneurs experiencing what it is like to try to suceed in the world of work.

Friday, April 29, 2016


 As one of my colleagues Oskar had put it a week before the meeting: «Such a nice job you've got to do!« and he was referring to the planning and organizing the meeting. Having been very busy at the time of course I disagreed. However,  from today's standpoint, still  under positive impression of having my foreign guests here in Slovenske Konjice, at our school, I have to agree with him.

This year's transnational meeting was somehow in the middle of the 3-year project and therefore it was mainly dedicated to the mid-evaluation of the project and assessment of the  students’ work and competences which will have been achieved by a google questionnaire  for all the participants and BE mid-term test for the  students.  Besides that, every minute represented a valuable time for discussions about the ways of the project and results dissemination.

Exchange of good practices in teaching is another important opportunity we have to take during our project meetings. This time our focus was on presentation and manifestation of cross-curricular learning which have been a good practice at Gimnazija Slovenske Konjice for several years now. We pointed out a positive impact on students as well as organisational challenges of this kind of teaching which was presented by Doroteja, a former coordinator of the project at our school.  The teachers were offered two lessons of the kind: Slovenian – English and Mathematics – English, both dealing with literature.

As using modern digital tools in teaching is one of the project’s objectives we organised a Teachmeet, which is an informal teachers gathering where teachers involved in  a limited time ( 3 min) present a teaching experience or a method with the a certain digital tool.  A collection of links to the tools with examples will be presented publicly.

The rest of Friday was spent on  planning ahead, in terms of work and results as well as dates for the forthcoming students' exchanges.  The exchange in Loimaa will take place in the 2nd week of October and the one In Almendralejo in February. The final act of Y.E.S. for Future mobilities will be the transnational meeting in Szazhalombatta. 

 We’re grateful for the good company of partners we have and satisfied with the work we have done so far. Now, we are looking forward to getting new experience and learning some more together in the second half of our common adventure – Y.E.S. for Future.